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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

At WellSpan Health, we offer everything you need to build your career.

WellSpan is a regional leader in rehab services that help patients return to their lives, jobs and families quickly. WellSpan offers you autonomy as well as a more diverse array of patient cases and conditions than do many other health organizations. Here you can choose your focus in the following areas:

  • Occupational, physical or speech therapy
  • Inpatient or outpatient care
  • Home-health or sports medicine

A WellSpan career also allows you to:

  • Build collaborative relationships with colleagues
  • Connect more closely with patients
  • Experience more diverse care settings
  • Practice in our WellSpan Surgery & Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule
  • Have opportunities to pursue your specialty niche

WellSpan also invests in your professional growth through ongoing training, continuing education and tuition reimbursement. Find your career here, at WellSpan.