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Registered Nurses

Registered Nurses

Working as one with our talented nursing staff, WellSpan will see to the continued health and evolution of your career.

RNs are the lifeblood of WellSpan Health. Our unique culture supports each and every nurse through professional development and an autonomous nursing practice, as well as shared decision-making at the system, entity and unit levels. Expect your career and skills to advance quickly with us, thanks to diverse patient cases and educational assistance. As a critical component of our care teams, you will help us transform the way we deliver care through your ideas and expertise. Here you’ll always be respected by your peers and be appreciated and trusted by physicians and assistants.

Nurses at WellSpan Health are provided with the following resources to help them gain more experience and professional satisfaction:

In addition, you’ll enjoy:

  • Nurse residency
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Clinical ladder
  • Interprofessional collaboration
  • Nursing shared governance
  • Sophisticated clinical informatics/EHR

The experience you bring or gain here is valued, and your voice is heard, thanks to nurse-driven councils and nurse-centric care protocols. Join the WellSpan Health nursing team and “work as one” with us! Find your career here, at WellSpan.