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Registered Nurses

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Why be a nurse at WellSpan?

RNs are the lifeblood of WellSpan Health. Working together, our goal is to improve lives through exceptional care for all, lifelong wellness and healthy communities. Our nursing culture is one of respect, diversity and inclusion and it supports you through:

  • Professional growth and advancement
  • Collaboration, mentorship and clinical ladder
  • Autonomous nursing practice
  • Evidence-based care leading to high-quality outcomes
  • Clinical informatics and EHRs
  • Shared decision-making at the system, entity and unit levels

At WellSpan, your goals are our goals. Explore our outstanding nursing opportunities today, and join us. We have excellent job openings in various specialties, such as:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Cardiology
  • Case Management
  • Critical Care/ICU
  • Emergency
  • Home Health
  • Intermediate Care
  • Labor & Delivery
  • Med/Surg
  • Neuroscience
  • NICU
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics
  • Perioperative/Surgical Services

Our Nurse Residency Program

ANCCThe WellSpan Health Nurse Residency Program is the only ANCC Practice Transition Accredited Program among health systems in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. ANCC accreditation ensures our curriculum is validated and truly one step ahead in supporting our new graduate nurses.

Residency is a required training program for newly licensed RNs that begins with nursing orientation and lasts throughout your first year. We welcome you to join WellSpan’s team of exemplary nurses and take advantage of the following ways we support our resident nurses:

Easing transition: Our program bridges the gap between what was learned in school and the reality of professional nursing.

Building confidence: Our residency program instills confidence in our nurse residents by ensuring they receive the support and mentorship to make them successful at WellSpan, and throughout their careers.

Development: WellSpan nurse residents are supported by our nursing leadership, nurse managers, clinical educators, former and current nurse residents, and professional development specialists throughout the organization. Through the residency program, graduate nurses are enculturated into WellSpan. Professional development and career growth are a cornerstone to the residency curriculum.

To learn more about our program click here: Link to brochure

Submit your questions about the program to nurseresidency@wellspan.org

Professional Development Opportunities

We care about your career as much as you do, so we encourage lifelong learning among nurse clinicians through reimbursable and prepaid continuing education, leadership development and more. We offer financial support to nurses with associate’s or diploma degrees who wish to pursue their BSN and/or graduate education toward nurse practitioner degrees and advanced practice roles. In addition, computer-based and on-site programs offer training in basic and advanced cardiac life support and other clinical topics. By obtaining your specialty certification, together we’ll achieve better patient outcomes.

Clinical Ladder

This valuable program helps advance your professional practice and continues to raise the bar for clinical excellence among all bedside nurses. The ladder also includes our Clinical Nurse Advancement Program, providing RNs with more professional and clinical growth opportunities well beyond day-to-day activities. It also recognizes nurses’ contributions to clinical excellence, outcomes and professionalism.

Shared Decision-Making

Evidence-based decisions affecting nursing practice and work environments are made together as one within our shared leadership—all with the goal of Lean Daily Management principles, continuous improvement and problem-solving. Your voice, ideas and involvement are valued by clinical nurses and nurse leaders from unit level to entity level, helping us to collectively transform the way we deliver care. WellSpan Health system councils include:

  • Nursing Integration Council
  • Nursing Practice Council
  • Nursing Leadership Council
  • Nursing Research and Innovation Council
  • Nursing Professional Development Council
  • EMR Clinical Council