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Benefits & Incentives

Benefits & Incentives

Sign-on Incentives for New Employees

Welcome to WellSpan’s Career Center! We’re honored that you’re exploring employment opportunities at WellSpan.

It takes a special type of individual to succeed at WellSpan, and as the largest health system in south central Pennsylvania, we’re working hard to find the very best candidates for our hard-to-fill positions. As such, we’ve introduced a new recruitment incentive program that includes sign-on bonuses and a “PTO bridging” program for successful candidates. (Note: We will also continue our Employee Referral Program for current employees.)

We’re looking for individuals who are not only experts in their field, but who are also collaborative, innovative, strongly desire to work in a team environment and have an interest in redesigning the care experience. If this sounds like you, please consider applying for a career at WellSpan Health.

Wellspan Sign On Incentives

Sign-on Bonuses

Position Full-time Employee* Part-time/Weekend Option Employee^ Details
Emergency Department RNs
For York Hospital only
$20,000 $10,000 Minimum 2 years recent experience in specialty required.
Specialty RNs - Inpatient $10,000 $5,000 Minimum 2 years recent experience in specialty required. Specialties include:
  • ED (except York Hospital)
  • Behavioral Health Nurse
  • Rehab
  • NICU
  • Labor & delivery
  • Cath Lab
  • CNS Educator
Acute Care RNs $5,000 $2,500 Minimum 2 years experience. Positions include:
  • Med/Surg/Tele
VNA Home RNs $5,000 $2,500 Minimum 2 years experience.
Registered Respiratory Therapists $6,000 $3,000 Experienced professionals and new graduates considered.
Genetic Counselors $6,000 $3,000 Experienced professionals and new graduates considered.
Allied Health Professionals $3,000 $1,500  Experienced professionals and new graduates considered. Positions include:
  • Medical lab scientist
  • Surgical technologist (OR techs)
  • Cardiovascular technologist
Behavioral Health Professionals $5,000 $2,500 Minimum 2 years experience. Positions include:
  • Licensed mental health professionals
  • Allied mental health professionals
  • Family-based therapists
  • Psychologists
Clinical Support Professionals $1,000 $500 Experienced professionals and new graduates considered. Positions include:
  • Medical assistants
  • Pharmacy technicians (York Hospital)
  • Psychiatric technicians
  • Sterile processing technicians
  • Certified Peer Specialist
  • Phlebotomist
Nursing Support Professionals $1,000 $500 Minimum 1 year of experience (obtained within the last 3 years) or newly certified graduate of a patient care/nursing assistant program. Positions include:
  • Nursing Assistants
    • Emergency Department: $2500 for minimum 1 year experience (for York Hospital only)
  • Unit Secretary/Nursing Assistants
  • Emergency Nursing Assistants (ENA)
Rehabilitation Professionals $5,000 $2,500 Experienced professionals considered. Positions include:
  • Physical therapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech language pathologist
Clinical Pharmacist $12,000 $6,000 Includes both experienced and recent residency graduates.

 * Full-time employment is defined as a 0.75 FTE position (60 or more budgeted hours per two-week pay period).
^ To be eligible for incentives, part-time positions must be 32 to 59 budgeted hours per two-week pay period (minimum 0.4 FTE). 

Payment Structure/Commitment:

This program is for new employees to WellSpan only. Previous WellSpan employees must have a break in service of six months or greater to be eligible for sign-on bonus. Internal transfers are not eligible for these incentives.

  • 50 percent after successful completion of 90-day introductory period
  • 50 percent after successful completion of one year of employment
  • 24-month employment commitment: In the event employment is voluntarily terminated within 24 months of official hire date, employee will be required to repay a pro-rated portion of the original bonus, specifically 1/24th of the original payment for each uncompleted month of service.

Paid-Time-Off Bridging

WellSpan offers a generous compensation and benefits package, which includes paid time off (PTO) that begins accumulating for new employees starting their first day.

The "PTO Bridging" program will allow new, eligible WellSpan employees to enter WellSpan's PTO program based on their total years of relevant work experience at most recent employer, instead of starting at the base level.

Eligible positions must be full-time hires in one of the positions below with five or more years of experience in that position. Positions eligible for the PTO Bridging program include:

  • Clinical nurses – acute care & specialty
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech language pathologists
  • Licensed mental health professionals

Education Assistance

WellSpan offers educational assistance for qualified employees. Our programs include:

Tuition Reimbursement
Eligibility and Program Details:

  • Full-time, part-time and PRN status employees working at least 32 hours per pay period and meeting expectations or higher in overall performance rating are qualified to receive tuition reimbursement after completing the employment introductory period.
  • Employees must receive a final grade of a “C” or higher or a certificate of completion for the course.
  • College credit courses must be related to current hospital duties and an academic degree that meets educational requirements of WellSpan Health position(s).
  • Institution must be accredited by “higher education within the United States.”
  • Reimbursable amounts are tuition only. Books, materials, lab fees, computer fees, registration, etc., are not reimbursable.
  • Reimbursable amounts are calculated based on the number of hours worked and the cost per credit, up to a per credit maximum.
    • Full-time (70+ hours per pay period): 85 percent of per credit established maximum
    • Part-time (32-69 hours per pay period): 50 percent of per credit established maximum

Forgivable Loan Program
Through this program, WellSpan will pay tuition and related expenses directly to the school on behalf of the student/employee. These payments to the school will be excused on a per-pay basis after the employee has completed the program and is working at WellSpan in the specific position for which the loan was approved.

Bev Malloy Nursing Scholarship
The Bev Malloy Memorial Nursing Scholarship is available to all WellSpan Health staff members who have been employed a minimum of one year at acceptable performance and behavioral levels. It also is available to volunteers who have been with WellSpan Health in that capacity for one year.

The $2,500 scholarship is a perpetual memorial to Bev Malloy, a dedicated nurse, nurse recruiter and community servant. The scholarship funds are specifically designed for nursing.

Educational Partners
Listed below are links to institutions of higher learning used by WellSpan employees to pursue their educational goals. WellSpan does not enter into exclusive partnerships or endorse one school over another, but rather recognizes that each school offers its own unique opportunities and advantages for WellSpan employees.

The schools listed below represent those institutions with whom WellSpan has an active affiliation agreement or are approved institutions under WellSpan's educational reimbursement program and have requested to be recognized on our website.

American Sentinel University
Alvernia College
Capella University
Central Penn College
Drexel University Online
Grand Canyon University
Immaculata University
Lebanon Valley College
Saint Joseph’s University
Wilson College
York College of Pennsylvania

WellSpan employee benefits at a glance.

Each of our employees has different needs. That’s why WellSpan provides a comprehensive program that lets you choose the benefits that are right for you and your family. Depending on the position, benefits may include:

  • Medical insurance: Select a PPO, POS or traditional indemnity option, including prescription drug benefits, that meets your needs.
  • Dental insurance: Select dental coverage for diagnostic, preventive, restorative and orthodontic services.
  • Vision insurance: Select vision coverage for protection against routine expenses associated with vision maintenance.
  • Life and accidental death insurance: Provided by WellSpan at no cost.
  • Supplemental life insurance: Select supplemental life insurance, available for employee as well as employee’s spouse and children.
  • Retirement savings plan: Includes WellSpan-funded automatic base contributions, employee voluntary contributions and WellSpan matching contributions. Vested in WellSpan’s contributions after three years of service.
  • Paid time off (PTO): Begin earning time off on your first day of employment.
  • Short-term disability: Provided by WellSpan at no cost.
  • Educational assistance: Financial assistance for qualifying employees who choose to take educational or technical training courses that satisfy degree, certification or registry requirements for employment in a specific position with WellSpan.
  • Forgivable loan: Program that pays for tuition and expenses for individuals pursuing education for high-demand, hard-to-fill positions. Eligible positions identified by human resources leadership.
  • Flexible spending: Save pretax dollars for expenses in dependent care FSA and healthcare FSA.
  • Credit union: Available for all employees.
  • Employee recreational activities: Discounted tickets, coordinated trips, merchandise and more.
  • Child care: Resources available to assist employees in locating quality child care in our community.
  • Complimentary medicine discounts: Receive an employee discount for services provided at the WellSpan Center for Mind/Body Health.

Additional incentives, such as sign-on bonuses, relocation reimbursement and other special incentives, may be available for the job you’re applying for. Please be sure to check the job listings here at our career center, or check with one of our recruiters for the most up-to-date information.