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2023 Benefits & Incentives

2023 Benefits & Incentives

When you join the WellSpan Health team, we will be here to support your professional and personal goals. As a valued member of our growing staff, you will be part of a team-oriented culture where working as one with leading healthcare experts will give you ample opportunities to advance in your career. And, our comprehensive benefits package is designed to support you along your career journey and in your personal life so that you can achieve your goals.

This webpage is an outline and does not include all of the benefits provided by WellSpan or all of the information you may need to make an informed decision. For more information, ask for the Summary Plan Descriptions, Plan Documents or other resources available. If there is a discrepancy between what is summarized here and the official plan documents, the official plan documents rule. Your eligibility for benefits and the premiums you pay depends upon the entity at which you work, the plan coverage you elect, your employment status and other factors.

Below is a summary of the many benefits we proudly provide. We hope this will help you make an informed decision to join our team.

*Salaries and Benefits could vary for employees at Chambersburg Hospital.

These benefits are effective January 1, 2023.

Wellspan Sign On Incentives

Positions that are eligible for a sign-on bonus are designated with a ‘’ in the ‘Sign-on Bonus’ column on the far right of the Career Opportunities search results. To learn more about the sign-on bonus level, position and WellSpan Health’s benefits, please contact the talent acquisition consultant associated with the position by using the contact information to the right of each posting.

WellSpan offers educational assistance for qualified employees. Our programs include:

Tuition Reimbursement
Eligibility and Program Details:

  • Full-time, part-time and PRN status employees working at least 32 hours per pay period and meeting expectations or higher in overall performance rating are qualified to receive tuition reimbursement after completing the employment introductory period.
  • Employees must receive a final grade of a “C” or higher or a certificate of completion for the course.
  • College credit courses must be related to current hospital duties and an academic degree that meets educational requirements of WellSpan Health position(s).
  • Institution must be accredited by “higher education within the United States.”
  • Reimbursable amounts are tuition only. Books, materials, lab fees, computer fees, registration, etc., are not reimbursable.
  • Reimbursable amounts are calculated based on the number of hours worked and the cost per credit, up to a per-credit maximum.
    • Full-time (70+ hours per pay period): 85 percent of per-credit established maximum
    • Part-time (32-69 hours per pay period): 50 percent of per-credit established maximum
  • Employee commitment to WellSpan will vary based on the value of investment WellSpan has made for an individual to complete the educational requirements.

Forgivable Loan Program
Through this program, WellSpan will pay tuition and related expenses directly to the school on behalf of the student/employee. These payments to the school will be excused on a per-pay basis after the employee has completed the program and is working at WellSpan in the specific position for which the loan was approved.

Educational Partners
Listed below are links to institutions of higher learning used by WellSpan employees to pursue their educational goals. WellSpan does not enter into exclusive partnerships or endorse one school over another, but rather recognizes that each school offers its own unique opportunities and advantages for WellSpan employees.

The schools listed below represent those institutions with whom WellSpan has an active affiliation agreement or are approved institutions under WellSpan's educational reimbursement program and have requested to be recognized on our website.

American Sentinel University
Alvernia College
Capella University
Central Penn College
Drexel University Online
Grand Canyon University
Harrisburg University
Immaculata University
Lebanon Valley College
Messiah University.png
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences
Saint Joseph’s University
Wilson College
York College of Pennsylvania

WellSpan employee benefits at a glance.

Each of our employees has different needs. That’s why WellSpan provides a comprehensive program that lets you choose the benefits that are right for you and your family. Your eligibility for benefits and the premiums you would pay depends upon the entity at which you work, the plan coverage you elect, your employment status and other factors.

  • Medical insurance: Select a PPO/POS or High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with an HSA, including prescription drug benefits, that meets your needs.
  • Dental insurance: Select dental coverage for diagnostic, preventive, restorative and orthodontic services.
  • Vision insurance: Select vision coverage for protection against routine expenses associated with vision maintenance.
  • Life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance: Provided by WellSpan at no cost.
  • Supplemental life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance: Select supplemental life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance available for employee as well as employee's spouse and children.
  • Retirement savings plan: Includes WellSpan-funded automatic base contributions, employee voluntary contributions and WellSpan matching contributions. Vested in WellSpan’s contributions after three years of service.
  • Paid time off (PTO): Begin earning time off on your first day of employment.
  • Short-term disability: Provided by WellSpan at no cost.
  • Educational assistance: Financial assistance for qualifying employees who choose to take educational or technical training courses that satisfy degree, certification or registry requirements for employment in a specific position with WellSpan.
  • Forgivable loan: Program that pays for tuition and expenses for individuals pursuing education for high-demand, hard-to-fill positions. Eligible positions identified by human resources leadership.
  • Flexible spending: Save pre-tax dollars for expenses in dependent care FSA and health care FSA.
  • Health Savings Account: Available with the HDHP, offers pre-tax saving with an annual employer contribution.
  • Credit union: Available for all employees.
  • Employee recreational activities: Discounted tickets, coordinated trips, merchandise and more.
  • Childcare: Resources available to assist employees in locating quality childcare in our community.
  • Complimentary medicine discounts: Receive an employee discount for services provided at the WellSpan Center for Mind/Body Health.

Additional incentives, such as sign-on bonuses, relocation reimbursement and other special incentives, may be available for the job you’re applying for. Please be sure to check the job listings here at our career center or check with one of our recruiters for the most up-to-date information.

Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

What is DailyPay?
DailyPay is a voluntary benefit that enables employees to track, save and transfer their earnings on their own schedule.

How does DailyPay work?
DailyPay gives employees more control over their pay. They can use DailyPay to avoid late fees and interest charges and to help plan for expenses by:

  • Monitoring real-time earnings based on hours worked (free)
  • Saving from every paycheck (free)
  • Transferring earnings next-day (free)
  • Transferring earnings instantly ($3.49)

As they work during the week, they will build up their DailyPay Pay Balance™.

What is included in DailyPay Pay Balance?
An employee's pay balance is money that they’ve already earned. It’s an approximation of earnings based on the hours they have already worked, minus any withholdings (like taxes, garnishments, etc.).

How does DailyPay work?
DailyPay is available 24/7 365. Employees can transfer any amount of money in their pay balance to their direct deposit checking account, prepaid debit card, or payroll card.

It is free to sign up for DailyPay. Similar to an ATM, employees only pay a fee when they make a transfer. Fees are as follows:

Speed Fee per Transfer

Next Business Day Available next business day free
Instant Available instantly $3.49*

*Instant transfers are free if utilizing the Friday by DailyPay option. Learn more at www.dailypay.com.

At the end of the pay period, any remaining balance will automatically be deposited from an employee's DailyPay account into their bank account (at no cost to you) on their regularly scheduled payday.

DailyPay also offers free tools to help employees budget, plan for expenses and work toward financial security:

  1. Balance Update Alerts: Receive text messages as their pay balance goes up, in real-time, based on the hours they work.
  2. Automatic Savings: Allocate a fixed amount of their available balance to automatically be sent to their savings account each pay period.

How to Sign Up
In order to sign up for DailyPay, an employee must currently be paid through direct deposit.
There are three ways to sign up:

  1. Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Go to my.dailypay.com
  3. Text START to 66867

Where to Learn More
Employees can contact DailyPay by phone or chat from Monday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. ET; Sunday 12-4 p.m. ET.

  1. Call (866) 432-0472
  2. Email employee.support@dailypay.com
  3. Log in to their account at www.dailypay.com, go to the “Help” page, and click the “Live Chat” button at the bottom

Employees can also visit dailypay.com/employee for more information including videos, FAQs and employee testimonials.

Does DailyPay have a mobile app?
Yes! You can download DailyPay for free from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android.

What if I don’t make a transfer during a pay period?
If you make no transfers during a given pay period, then your entire pay balance will be deposited into your bank account (at no cost to you) on your regularly scheduled payday.

Is DailyPay a loan?
DailyPay is not a loan. It’s simply an addition to our existing payroll offering that allows employees to access their pay faster than they’d otherwise be able to. The amount of money that you have access to is based on your approved hours – meaning that you’ve already earned this money, it just hasn’t been paid out to you yet.

Employee FAQs

How much money will be available to me?
You will have access to any amount up to, and including, the pay balance shown in your DailyPay account. The pay balance is a percentage of your gross pay.

How often can I use DailyPay?
You can make up to five transfers per day.

What is the maximum and minimum dollar amount I can transfer in one day?
You can transfer up to $1,000. The minimum transfer amount is $5.

When will my remaining paycheck be deposited into my account?
Whether you have made a transfer or not during a given pay period, your balance will be deposited into your account by end of business on your normally scheduled payday. The exact timing will depend on your financial institution.

Can I use DailyPay if I get paper checks?
No, DailyPay is designed to work with employees who are paid via direct deposit, through a checking or savings account, payroll card or prepaid debit card. Learn about the new Friday by DailyPay option at www.dailypay.com.

How quickly will I receive my money?
DailyPay offers two types of transfers: next business day (called “Next”) and instant (called “Now”).

The timing is as follows:

  • Now = money is available instantly, 24/7, including nights, weekends and bank holidays
  • Next = transfers requested prior to 5:30 p.m. ET are available in the morning of the next business day. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays
  • Please note: to use DailyPay Now, you will need to enter your debit card or pay card number on the “Account Settings” page. This is because DailyPay Now transfers are sent through a different type of mechanism than regular ACH transfers sent to routing and accounting numbers

I didn’t receive my welcome email. What happened?
The email may have gone into your “Spam” or “Trash” folders, depending on your email service provider and email preferences. Check both folders and, if possible, search for the word “DailyPay.”

For Gmail users, you can also search in your “All Mail” folder. If you still can’t find the email, please contact DailyPay customer service at 866-432-0472. Their hours of operation are Monday – Saturday 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. ET; Sunday 12-4 p.m. ET.

I received a notification from my bank about DailyPay. What is this?
Depending on your bank, you might receive a notification about DailyPay after you request your first transfer and/or when you change your direct deposit information. This is called a “prenote” and it’s not a charge – it’s simply a way for DailyPay and us to verify that your account number is correct. You can disregard this notification.

What could cause a delay in my paycheck?
Failure to input correct bank account information or update your new banking information are the most common causes of a delayed paycheck on payday. If you are having issues, please contact our Employee Support line.

What happens when I have a negative Pay Balance on DailyPay?
In the rare circumstance that you do go over your Pay Balance, you can choose among three options to pay back the overdraft amount:

  1. Pay back the funds immediately from your current Pay Period earnings
  2. Pay back the funds from a different bank or card account
  3. Pay back the funds in installments over three Pay Periods

How should I update my direct deposit information if I’m currently using DailyPay?
You can update your direct deposit information in DailyPay at any time by going to the “Account Settings” page, scrolling down to the “Bank Accounts” section, and clicking “Add New Bank Account.” If you need help, please reach out to DailyPay customer service at 866-432-0472.

Important note: you do not need to update your direct deposit information with your company directly, just DailyPay.