The best of both worlds

York and Adams counties are idyllic communities with a small-town feel. But they are within easy driving distance to major cities. They are located about an hour north of the Baltimore/Washington area, an hour and a half west of Philadelphia and three hours south of New York City. Whether you prefer city lights, suburban neighborhoods or a secluded house in the country, chances are you’ll find a lifestyle to your liking within a short drive of your workplace.


Central Pennsylvania has a unique blend of rich history, urban and rural influences, a healthy business environment, excellent public schools and a diverse, active culture.

The area is attractive to many people because of its low cost of living, low crime rates, educational opportunities and convenient proximity to major East Coast cities. The relative prosperity enjoyed in the area is due to a vibrant and diverse manufacturing base. Housing options in the region range from 18th-century farms to suburban neighborhoods to historic townhouses.


Most residents describe the public school system here as “outstanding.” The area offers a variety of school districts, large and small, rural and urban. The percentage of high school seniors planning to attend postsecondary schools in the 22 districts ranges from 51 to 80 percent and the dropout rate is less than 3 percent. Twelve colleges and universities are within commutable distance to York and Adams counties.

In addition to a variety of advanced degree programs, the communities offer lecture series, musical and theater productions, art exhibits and library facilities for the general public.

The great outdoors

York and Adams counties offer thousands of acres of natural wilderness and the largest county park system in the state.

There are more than 15,000 acres of state, county and national park land, as well as 63 miles of trails, six lakes, and scenic rivers for boating, fishing, hunting and camping.